This is Nick.

This is Nick.

Nick, or Nicholas Simmonds as he is not-known to his friends, could be considered a taller, better-looking, cleverer and more-cynical version of Edward.

Nick, who initially proposed this excursion back in November 2008, has actually ventured outside Europe to different places several times, unlike Ed, who can only claim a few journeys to the United States of America to his name (fabulous though those United States are).
Nick, unlike Ed, does not bounce with excitement like a puppy on ecstasy at the prospect of visiting somewhere not inside North America.

Unlikely friends they may seem, Nick and Ed know each other well from the hellish, torturous educational course they took together from 2006-2008. Ed's first impression of Nick was "seems like a nice chap" whereas Nick freely admits that his was more along the lines of "what a cock". Nonetheless, they bonded.

Nick enjoys watching football, playing football, eating football, and occasionally breathing football. A lifelong, passionate supporter of Bristol City FC, Nick chose Cardiff University as his place of learning, which he will attend in October, not only in view of its towering academic reputation, but mostly because he realised he could easily commute back to Bristol in order to watch Bristol City matches.

Nick is the only student brave (or foolish) enough to choose to take Higher Level Maths and Higher Level Physics in that hellish, torturous educational course I mentioned earlier.

Nick, rather impressively (if not unsurprisingly) would like to be a rocket scientist after he has graduated.

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