This is Ed.

This is Ed.

Ed, formally known as Edward Charles Nicholas Ulrich, has been described as:
  • Patronising,
  • tactless,
  • condescending,
  • clueless,
  • naive, and, least importantly,
  • an alcoholic.
The last point is a lie.

Just a face for the camera!

I was tired!

...Look, can we move on?

Ed enjoys skiing, reading, cycling, reading the news, irritating people, swimming, wishing he could meet Stephen Fry, more reading, admiring Barack Obama, and reading.

Ed confesses he has made some, quite frankly, horribly alarming choices for his appearance in the past.

I don't know either.

Rest assured, these days are behind him.

A self-confessed bibliophiliac, hypocrite, and Grammar Nazi, Edward will be attending the University of the West of England to study history in September, and hopes to fiddle with the law one day.

Ed will you be your official chronicler for this journey, unless he can poke Nick into submission and persuade him to write something. (Unlikely.)

Ed hopes desperately that Nick will take on the role of the responsible, respectable adult for the majority of this journey.

...For both our sakes.


  1. That was Williamsburg wasn't it?
    And we didn't let you out of those stocks for ages. :)

    Hope the rest of your trip goes a little more smoothly than the 'Great Airport Debacle'.

  2. Mummy says make sure you catch up on your sleep and don't forget to wash behind your ears X